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Art director by day, mad creator by night.


Born and raised in Gloucester UK, I studied graphic design and illustration at GlosCAT and Southampton college before receiving my break in 1991 on Britain’s short lived anarchic comic ‘Toxic!’ Weekly created by Pat Mills.


In the mid 90s I collaborated with musician Glenn Danzig on Satanika, Venus Domina, and Akuma-She for Danzig’s ‘Verotik’ erotic horror comic line before re-teaming with Pat Mills and Debbie Gallagher for Batman: the Book of Shadows, a prestige format book for DC Comics.


Disillusioned by mainstream comics, I entered the world of video game development in 1999 with Electronic Arts' Formula 1 2001, followed by Universal’s Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity and Battlestar Galactica before moving on to develop the concept for ‘MotorStorm’, Sony’s PS3 launch game in 2004, and in 2006, worked with Gonzo GDH Tokyo to adapt the anime ‘Afro Samurai’ into a video game for Namco Bandai Games America.


But my love for the comic book medium didn’t die. I’m still a fan and love creating.


A few years ago I formed MIGHTEN INK, an entity designed to develop my own concepts and collaborate with friends, which led to the innovative comic book game hybrid ‘SXPD: Extreme Pursuit Force’ through a collaboration with David Perry, OneBigGame and Little Chicken Game Company.


In 2015 I settled down in Sydney Australia, but my journey to this point has been full of interesting creative adventures and misadventures which I hope to share in my blog.


As a fan, my biggest influences are Hideo Kojima, Zack Snyder,  Nicolas Winding Refn, Alan Moore,  Moebius, John Byrne, Ridley Scott, George Lucas, Norman Rockwell, J. C. Lyendecker, Alfred Hitchcock, Jack Kirby and Prince.


…and yes, I am a supporter of #Releasethesnydercut movement.


Today I’m refocused creatively, ready to kickstart new projects and share some hidden gems. Some pieces you may have seen previously, but this will be the first time I’ve ever talked about them and the projects they were for.


Hopefully you’ll find the art and stories entertaining and inspiring.

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